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Recreational marijuana now legal in Vermont

Recreational marijuana now legal in Vermont

With the federal bodies and state governments adopting a flexible approach toward marijuana, Vermont becomes the ninth state to permit the use of the drug for recreational purposes. It is the first state to get the drug legalized for recreational purposes through a legislative vote. The new law is effective July 1, 2018 and permits adults above 21 years of age to possess up to 1 ounce (28 grams) of weed, its two mature plants and four immature plants. A system is yet to be set up to tax or regulate the production of the drug. The lack of proper provisions to open up pot shops makes it necessary for the drug users to grow it themselves or buy from drug dealers.

There are certain riders attached with the new law – it does not allow one to smoke the drug in public spaces or sell it over the counter. For those who stay in rented accommodation, they need to take permission from their landlord to grow it at their home. While the state legalized medical marijuana in 2004, its decriminalization for recreational purposes was signed by Gov. Phil Scott in January with “mixed emotions.”

Abusing marijuana is dangerous

Though it is legal to use the drug for recreational purposes in several other states, including Washington, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, California and Colorado, there is no doubt that it can be misused and abused that can put one’s health in danger. With increasing legalization, greater acceptance and wider availability, the youth is more likely to try the drug. In addition, pot-laced gummies and other edibles carrying traces of weed also cause harm. This, in turn, raises the likeliness of tolerance, dependence and addiction. Smoking cannabis produces the most intense effects as it directly reaches the lungs and passes through the bloodstream in a much faster way.

Some of the common ways in which marijuana legalization affects an individual are:

  • Distorted perceptions
  • Difficulty in proper coordination
  • Inability to think properly
  • Difficulty in solving problems
  • Inability to learn and memorize things
  • Loss of control
  • Irritability
  • Lack of sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Drug cravings

Treatment for marijuana addiction

Several states in the United States are looking for other alternatives instead of legalizing marijuana to treat chronic illnesses. Doing so is sensible as legalizing the drug makes it easy to procure and use on a larger scale, say experts. Addiction to marijuana can be caused due to various factors like genetics, environmental influences and psychological problems. If someone wants to stay away from the risks, it is important for him/her to say no to people offering it and be informed about its potential side effects.

However, if a person gets addicted to marijuana, he/she is required to undergo specialized marijuana addiction treatment at the best drug abuse rehab centers at the earliest. One must remember that recovery from drug addiction is possible if one is willing to take the corrective measures on time.

Sovereign Health is a leading name in treating drug addiction-related problems in the U.S. Our marijuana rehab centers provide personalized treatment for addiction under supervised care and attention. The treatment facility offers comprehensive treatment programs involving supervised detox, behavioral counseling and aftercare program on the basis of an individual’s symptoms and medical history.

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