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Mississippi proposes law to ban sale of fake urine used for beating drug tests

Mississippi proposes law to ban sale of fake urine used for beating drug tests

In an attempt to prevent drug users from using synthetic urine for deceiving and defrauding drug testing, business and political leaders from across Mississippi are working to pass a law that would ban the sale of fake urine.

The bill that was sponsored by the Republican State Representative Andy Gipson is being lobbied by the Mississippi Associate of Self Insurers on behalf of state businesses to get the lawmakers to support the ban. The bill Mississippi Urine Trouble Act received near unanimous support from the state’s House and was passed by an overwhelming majority of 113 to 2. Gipson is hopeful that it will be approved by the Senate as well. He said, “It’s about the health and safety of Mississippians [and] creating a better workplace and a better work environment here in our state. Hopefully the senate will see the value of that and they will pass the bill.”

Synthetic urine kits have been in demand across the state to pass drug tests in order to gain employment. Companies where employees operate heavy machinery have strongly supported the new move. According to the proposed law, individuals who are caught trying to deceive drug tests through fake urine could either face a jail term of six months, fine of $1,000 or both.

Fake urine tests are no laughing matter

Trying to deceive one’s employers through fraudulent urine samples is no laughing matter. Those who have had a history of doing drugs are likely to resort to such practices at their current place of work as well, severely impacting the workplace morale, productivity and safety. The lives of co-workers are endangered as well. Any error arising due to impaired cognitive functioning–often the consequence of doing drugs–could be catastrophic for the business and the employees at large. Doing any kind of substance at work is a serious public health breach and could result in grievous injuries and loss of life.

The practice of using fake urine to throw employers off scent has kept many on guard including Hol-Mac, a steel fabrication company that mandates drug testing for all before they are offered employment. In the wake of an increasing number of overdoses and deaths, there are 13 other states apart from Mississippi which have proposed a ban on the use of artificial urine. Colorado is the latest to consider banning the product for the same reason.

Labelled as “fetish urine,” the synthetic human urine can be readily procured from shops. The packet comes with instructions, hand warmers, temperature sensor and rubber bands.

Using marijuana at work affects health and safety

Though there are adherent followers who vouch that marijuana is safer than other drugs, smoking it in office or workplace is injurious. The drug causes spells of anxiety, paranoia, panic and memory problems. At workplace, lowered reaction time and cognitive decline could lead to loss of productivity, absenteeism and loss of job. As users suffer from hallucinations, they could also engage in dangerous practices like pulling the lever or switching on the machinery when not required. Drug use in office also impacts relationship with co-workers, managers and clients.

Since urine testing is the primary source of detecting drugs in the body, companies should impose stringent laws to deter employees from indulging in unhealthy and illegal practices. At the same time, law enforcement agencies should ensure that growing liberalization of marijuana does not affect public health and safety. Additionally, requisite measures to increase access to treatment services for people with marijuana-related problems need to be taken.

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