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X Factor winner Matt Cardle’s fall from grace: When addiction to drugs and alcohol almost killed him

X Factor winner Matt Cardle’s fall from grace: When addiction to drugs and alcohol almost killed him

Following his iconic win of the X Factor in 2010, musician Matt Cardle (34) descended deep into the pit of substance abuse. In a recent interview to The Sun, the star revealed that in less than two years after the win, he struggled to cope with fame and rejection that eventually pushed him toward addiction to prescription drugs, illegal drugs and alcohol. The Essex singer also revealed how his addiction cost him his music career and his 18-month relationship with his girlfriend dancer Sarah Robinson. All those closest to him gradually turned their backs, which made his world dark and dreary.

Cardle became addicted to tramadol after a minor injury to his finger. He admitted that although he did not really need the drug, he started taking it just for fun. He had even coerced a doctor into prescribing it.

According to the English singer, songwriter and musician, he was addicted to a cocktail of drugs and alcohol, and was eating a daily mix of Valium (muscle relaxant), tramadol (pain reliever) and a host of other illegal drugs. The first time he took Valium was on a flight to LA. And then there was no looking back. His drug binges became so extreme that he often isolated himself in his London flat where he swerved close to death on more than one occasion. He would often wake up in various parts of his flat, on the bed, off the bed, in the toilet or in the lounge room.

Commonly marketed in the United States under the brand names Ultracet and Ultram, tramadol is a synthetic pain reliever prescribed for moderate to severe pain. A Schedule IV substance drug, tramadol is a narcotic that can make the user prone to addiction, abuse and misuse. Addiction to tramadol is characterized by compulsive drug-seeking behavior, and the inability to function without the drug or limit its usage. If the user tries to abruptly stop taking the drug, it can lead to extremely painful withdrawal symptoms. Rather than abstaining from the drug all of a sudden, it is advisable to seek tramadol addiction treatment at certified rehab centers.

On reaching his lowest point, going to rehab and getting sober

While Cardle continued abusing the deadly cocktail, his lowest point came when in 2013, he had a physical altercation with his drug dealer who refused to sell him Valium. The incident resulted in a scuffle, with Cardle snatching the pills from the dealer’s hands. According to Cardle, the dealer had “refused” to sell him drugs after looking at the singer’s pathetic state. After the incident, the dealer called Cardle’s brother and informed “I think your brother’s in a bit of a mess.”

Another incident that proved to be a turning point for the singer was his breakdown at the Heathrow Airport. According to Cardle, his “heightened emotional state” was due to a “drug withdrawal” that had caused his emotions to “well up.” At the time of the incident, the singer was on his way to a Christmas lights ceremony in Scotland with his brother. Once, he even broke down in a cab and kept talking to the driver in tears.

After a series of warning incidents, Cardle decided to check himself into a rehab. He admitted that being sober helped him resume his career, and find love in his new girlfriend Amber Hernaman. Though he is clean, sober and feels better than he ever had, he confessed that given that he could “fall off at the drop of a hat,” he needs to “watch himself.”

Help is just a call away

Sovereign Health offers top-notch addiction recovery plans to treat a variety of substance use disorders. The treatment for tramadol addiction may include supervised detoxification followed by therapies and counselling in order to treat the person holistically. For more information on our evidence-based treatment programs or to locate our finest rehab centers, call our live admission specialist at our 24/7 helpline

X Factor winner Matt Cardle’s fall from grace: When addiction to drugs and alcohol almost killed him

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