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Prescription painkillers raise cardiac arrest risk, says study

Prescription painkillers are addictive in nature that can push the users toward addiction. Various studies have also pointed out that their continuous use can lead to complications. A recent study, published in the European Heart Journal, Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, in December 2016, revealed that constant use of painkiller medication might increase the risk of cardiac arrest. Continue reading

Fentanyl ingredients placed on controlled list by UN

An emerging trend seen nowadays is the abuse of fentanyl. Though abused by hospital workers as early as the 1990s, in recent years, fentanyl has resulted in an unprecedented rise in the number of deaths due to overdose in the United States. Fentanyl is usually produced illegally, oftentimes mixed with heroin, cocaine or both so that users can experience intense euphoria. Continue reading

ER counseling may help alleviate drug abuse

The drug epidemic in the U.S. has forced researchers to look for effective methods that can help control the urge for drugs among Americans apart from motivating them against the use of illicit and addictive substances. While guidelines and policy measures suggested by federal agencies are in place, a group of researchers has suggested an alternative method that can persuade people to cut back on their drug taking habits. Continue reading